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After awaking at 7:00 am and breakfasts for me and Joe, we went back to the room for our own worship service since I still had gotten a ride to a Baptist church. I told them I didn’t care as much about Baptist as long as it was a Bible believing, Jesus as God type of Church. Anyway, Joe and I read, sang, and prayed for over 2 hours. I don’t know what others thought, but I did it any way. I do feel sorry for those who had to listen to me sing, but God was ok with it, I’m sure. Lunch came quickly and then Joe and I listened to a Sherlock Holmes book for a while. I fed him at 3:00. Then Jerry and Nina played with Joe and I. Actually, we sat in chairs and the dogs played. The trainer helped us listened for the inappropriate growling and barking. When dogs play together, there is some growling and low barking, some mild playful nipping, etc. Anything over that and we have to correct quickly. I was glad for this training because while puppy raising we were never sure what the rules were about that.

After that, I groomed Joe for about 15 mins. He loves it. He turns around when he is ready for me to groom another side. I get about 5 mins. per area. He is sooo funny.

Then I got incredibly bored and hyper. We walked around the inside of the building 6 times. Then Kate asked if I wanted to play with Trigger. I said, “Who?” She said, “Trigger. Our very bad guide dog who has to be corrected an awful lot. I was game for anything, and she seemed to be glad to stop me from continually walking. smile With Trigger, a stuffed black lab with harness strapped to chair, Kate ran me through scenarios and helped me to learn and practice carefully all the different steps, commands and most importantly, corrections. You would never want to correct a real dog this much. He would probably get a low self-esteem and sore neck.
Ok, its straight back pop of the leash with the left hand for not heeling or for missing a curb. New things like overhanging trees is just a stop, touch whatever it is and say watch. If you give a direction command, the correction for not moving in that direction is a pop of the leash in the direction you want to go with the right hand.. Left with the right hand is hard. Down correction is a pop and release of the leash with the right hand in a downward direction.

Lots to get straight in your head, especially if you still get your left and right mixed up. :-< smile

Well, I made it to supper. I talked to Scott again, as most nights. I looked at the pictures of him, Brendan, Hartley, Kaz, and Dino from the security cameras around the house. Scott fixed a private page on our website for me to go and look at when I want. I get to keep up with what is going on. At least,some. smile

Well, bedtime for Bonzo and me. Good night.

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Come with me on my journey with DeafBlindness. My struggles are many, but my determination is greater. My mission is simplistic in goal, but complex in design. I will overcome and be as independent as possible making a contribution to the world along the way. The details are in the making, so I do not know where I will end. I just know that I will succeed because I have to for me and for anyone watching. I do not travel this path alone for Jesus Christ is my sighted guide and Little Joe is my co-pilot.

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