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This is a very interesting look into the world of DeafBlindness from a hearing blind who was DeafBlind for a while and now works with the DeafBlind community.Toward the end, she gives detailed descriptions of hearing ASL, hearing where people are by footsteps, how big a room is, etc. I know those things, too, but not from sound. I feel how big a room is by the amount of airflow and backflow from the air “echoing” off walls at different distances. I can feel people near me signing and can sometimes catch a sign or two by the vibrations of hands meeting. I feel the air move when people walk, and the floor vibrate when people walk, and the vibration of a cane against a door or a wall. I enjoy music by feeling. I agree with her that DeafBlindness isn’t the end of good things. I just experience them differently. The lady also got how I feel when hearing people tire of trying to communicate with me and say, “Never mind.” Or, a Deaf or DB who has signed for most of life tires of my slower, sloppier sign and slaps my hands away. So, check out the latest article on DeafBlind Think tank:


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