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Today is my 26th Wedding Anniversary. Life has changed a lot since that very warm summer evening by my parents’ pool. My father married us. It was a delightful memory despite the fact the camera broke, and we have not one wedding picture! Fortunately, we have the memories stored elsewhere.

I know my husband and I have had our ups and downs over the years as we each have tried to deal with our own baggage, the other’s baggage, and our new baggage together. Despite it being a second marriage for both of us, we were still young. I brought a Special Needs pre-schooler with me, too, to make my husband an instant Daddy. We then had our own son within two years who was also Special Needs. We sure gave ourselves a lot of changes to deal with in those early years. We stuck with it through good and bad asking God to be our glue.

We had our share of arguments, pain, and bad decisions in all areas from finances to parenting. We also had our good moments, too. We finally learned to let God guide us financially, and He helped us to learn to save and more importantly, put priorities in order, and that doing without can be a time of riches, too. We had our times of teachable moments at home playing games with our children, Little League followed by soccer and even taking the helm and passing on our view of true sportsmanship through coaching. We had our years of helping to guide our children and others through Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts again taking the helm at those leadership positions allowing us to take our children on grand adventures filled with great teaching moments. Through all of this, we also protected our children from the outside world as much as we could.

Of course, we also learned that you can’t save your children from everything. We and our children have faced tragedy, heartache, and consequences of bad decisions. All you can do is learn to keep your focus on God, and let Him turn what was meant to destroy into good. That is what we have tried to do and have tried to teach our children to do. We can only pray and know that God only has plans to prosper us and bless us.

The children have both left the home now. It seems a bit big and quiet except for our three four-legged babies who keep us well-loved. We now have a different chapter to write as we make new memories. I am looking forward to that now even more than I used to do.

As far as memories, yes, we have some bad ones. Some may say a lot of bad ones including ones that scarred us for life. We also have good memories. I think we have a lot of good memories, too. I am choosing to focus on the good ones now that lessons have been learned from the bad ones. I am choosing to focus on the good ones, and let the bad ones fade. Yes, we have a lot of good ones, and we did a lot of good for our family and others. I am choosing to let God handle the rest. We have had 26 years filled with good memories of board games and rolling in the grass in the yard, ball games, hikes, rock climbs, camp fires, laughs at Disney, quiet days in the sun at Cumberland, big smiles and squeals of delight at unexpected Christmas and birthday gifts, and more. All of this is our legacy of the first quarter of our lives together. I don’t know what the second quarter will hold, but I know there will be good, and there will even be bad. Such is life. Let us go together allowing God to hold us close knowing He will give us blessings through it all.

Happy Anniversary, Scott. Now, more than ever, I can say I love you because through God and you, I have learned how to love. I love you!!

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Touch Points

By Renée K. Walker

A Tribute

Summer has arrived and, along with it, my 25th wedding anniversary and my 50th birthday. I was married 25 years ago on June 22, 1986 just before my 25th birthday (which is on June 26). My husband and I have raised two wonderful boys who are now 30 and 23 years old. They are both out on their own fulfilling dreams and being responsible men of integrity. Each has a wonderful girlfriend who seems to enrich his life. I am very proud of them both. My husband and I have worked together to build a good home and lives that are used to serve our Lord Jesus. That is something I am proud of, too.

It hasn’t always been easy because life is never easy for anyone. Unexpected hurdles and just happenstance can unravel the best of plans made for a life. One must learn to flow with the changes. Among other of life’s normal struggles, we had a few unusual ones thrown in for me. Though profoundly deaf for most of my life, the process was still gradual, and I learned to do a lot with what sound I had. When it was gone, my lip reading skills still allowed me to go about my daily activities seemingly as if I could hear. I found it to be an annoyance at most, but I mostly just never thought about it. It just wasn’t a problem. I was also night blind from an early age, but I just kept bright lights on at night and drove carefully on familiar and short routes if I drove at all. I managed just fine doing what I have always done which is raising a family, teaching, and serving others.

A few years after our wedding, the vision issues decreased rapidly to the point that I could no longer ignore them. As I have said here before, the diagnosis was Retinitis Pigmentosa exhibited as Usher Syndrome Type III. When the vision dimmed, my life drastically changed. My articles here have depicted many of the struggles of being deaf and blind. We have coped as well as we could and, sometimes even risen above expectations. Learning braille, tactual ASL, and assistive technology use has made a chaotic life more ordered. Struggles still prevail, and the world is not always a bright, cheery, or safe place. With my husband by my side and a few very close friends, life is more than just bearable. It is wonderful, and I am living it to the fullest.

All people who are disabled, but especially people who are DeafBlind, need that one person -whether it is a spouse, family member, or good friend – who is there for them daily despite the struggles. Someone who can overlook your frequent moments of frustration over what you can’t do. Someone who can look deep within you, and see the truth. Someone who can dig deep within themselves and know that truth. Someone who will understand that the frustration, irritability, and sometimes even hostility, comes from knowing you can be a burden and you hate it. Someone who can show that it may be a burden at times, but it is always worth it. Someone who works tirelessly to help you access the world, but somehow makes it feel almost effortless. All people need that special someone. A person who is DeafBlind will only thrive if they find that person.

My husband, Scott, is my special someone. He does all of these things and more. I’m sure he often feels unappreciated as life becomes chaotic and stressful, but I do appreciate him. I also respect him because he has truly honored our wedding vows. It is one of the many reasons why I love him. Happy 25th Anniversary, Scott.

I pray that you, my readers, have found that special someone who supports you in your weaknesses and celebrates your strengths. I pray that my DeafBlind friends have, or will find, that special someone who helps them not only survive, but thrive. I also pray that those readers who may not be disabled (but know someone who is disabled) will consider what you may be for that person. Yes, it can be a burden, but the rewards of seeing that person thrive are worth it. God bless these special people.


If you have comments about this topic, you may write a letter in braille or print to Renée Walker, 143 Williamson Dr, Macon, GA 31210; or you may email me at rkwalker@wynfieldca.org. You can also read and comment on my blog at http://www.deafblindhope.wordpress.com. You can also check me out at www.facebook.com/reneekwalker.


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